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Volunteer Marlborough matches people across the Marlborough and Kaikoura region to roles that are both fulfilling and contribute to the wellbeing of our community with more than 120 Community groups.

There are some amazing opportunities in volunteering

There are so many organisations that you could volunteer with and some you might not have thought about. Positions could include anything from administrative support, environmental conservation, befriending and mentoring, event assistance, animal welfare, and governance roles.

Volunteers come from many backgrounds and with all levels of skills and abilities. Whether you have one free hour a day, a week, or a month, there's sure to be a voluntary position for you.

Reasons to volunteer

  • Are you just starting your work career and need work experience for your CV?
  • Are you returning to work after a break or illness and need a refresher or confidence boost?
  • Are you new to the country or the community and need to build a network and meet people?
  • Do you want to make a valuable contribution to your community?
  • Are you training or thinking of training and want to try out your new field?
  • Do you need a balance to your nine-to-five life or want to relieve boredom?

How to volunteer

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, simply contact us to arrange a time for a chat to find out what kind of volunteer opportunities are currently available. Volunteer Marlborough can help match your individual skills and interests with a large number of groups who welcome volunteers.

You can make an appointment with Hannah, our Coordinator for Volunteer Services, to visit our office to review the current range of roles available across the region. In the 30 minutes spent together, she will endeavour to learn what type of volunteer activity you would like to get involved with and seek to match you to an organisation who will explain the role in more depth.

You can choose to lend a hand at one-off community events or take an ongoing, key role. Everyone has something to offer and many roles are flexible.

Alternatively, you can check out our *NEW* Online Database. Once there, you can register and peruse all available volunteer positions at your leisure.

If you are already volunteering and want help or support, we are happy to provide it.

Ordinary people.....making an extraordinary contribution!

**Note: Our office hours are normally 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday but, with limited staff, the office is sometimes unmanned as we attend workshops or outside meetings. If you miss us, you can always leave us a phone message or send us an email and we will get back to you.**

  • edna curley

    When Edna Curley signed up to teach English to migrants, she had no idea the role would stretch to becoming a surrogate mum and grandmother to families far from home. 
    “It’s given me family I wouldn’t otherwise have had. It’s nice to be a grandma figure!” 
    Edna - Tutor English Language Partners
  • marianne vertelman

    “I certainly didn't join to receive payment for the hours that you can sometimes spend at a fire; I joined as I saw it as my chance to help the community and to protect property from wildfire”.
    Marianne - Volunteer Firefighter
  • piers dashfield

    “I just wanted to get involved and start making a difference in the community. I wanted to be doing something that would be helping other people, and [that I’d] also find rewarding.”
    “I know that I am making a difference to someone, and that is rewarding in itself. Also, I enjoy spending time with people I help out … it’s cool to know you have helped someone sort something out in a way.”
    Piers - Mentor & Peer support

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