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Volunteer Marlborough provides a number of programmes and services to the community in support of volunteers and organisations including:

  • Recruitment and support of volunteers to assist local organisations in need
  • Support and advocacy for not-for-profit groups and volunteers in the Marlborough region
  • Consultancy and mentorship for community groups
  • Free registration for individuals looking for volunteer roles (in-office or on our database)
  • Training workshops and networking opportunities on a wide variety of subjects
  • Presentations to community groups, promoting the value of voluntary work
  • Community awards
  • Online promotional services 
  • RIPPLES Newsletter

Each year we send out a survey to community groups in Marlborough to determine the programmes or services that would benefit the sector, and to monitor the quality and reception of our existing programmes. It is this survey and  public feedback that guides us in the delivery of our services.

If you have a need for support, a workshop, or other program which we are not currently offering, or to request more information on one of our programs please let us know by calling our office or  Contact us by email.

(Note: Information on our various programs can be found in the drop down menu under "Services")


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